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Quick Project – Map Coasters

A few weeks ago I came across this awesome site that generates watercolor maps of any location you search. Then Pinterest gave me this idea for DIY coasters and I decided to combine the two to make a set for my dad for Father’s Day, featuring locations that are meaningful to us (home, campgrounds, etc).


The coasters were just over $1 each in the garden department at Home Depot and I copied and pasted the maps into a Word document to resize, crop, and print.

I used pushpins to prop the coasters up - way easier to mod podge the edges and keep them from sticking to anything!

I used pushpins to prop the coasters up – way easier to mod podge the edges and keep them from sticking to anything!

As I so often do with projects, I might have slightly overdone it… on some of them, it wasn’t clear what you’re looking at (the neighborhood is just a bunch of lines!) so I marked the specific location, such as our house, with a little heart. But then for consistency’s sake I wanted that on all of them, and then when it was too late I was like hm, that’s a bit much. Oh well.

The only problem I had other than that is that they seem to have stayed kinda sticky. I let the mod podge dry for DAYS, but it still felt┬átacky. I tried a spray-on acrylic sealant and let THAT dry for a couple days too and they looked okay, but they ended up getting a little messed up and they stick together a bit when they’re stacked. I don’t know, I always have issues with mod podge…

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Steampunk Silliness

I’ve never really had the opportunity or inclination for cosplay. I don’t think I’m geeky enough to go to a convention, and if I did I think I’d be too self-conscious to show up in full costume. I mean, one Halloween I hid my striped pirate tights under my pants and kept my hat in my backpack until I got to class. And I was dressing up to match a friend in the same class! She did the same thing, and we rolled up our pants and put on our hats together in the hallway. We were both too shy to walk across campus alone in very minimal costumes. ON HALLOWEEN.

But I’ve been seeing a lot of Disneybound pictures lately, and I feel like I could maybe do that – I like the idea of “toning down” a costume so that it looks normal, but still evokes a certain character or interest. I kind of want to come up with some Disney outfits but nothing in my closet really works at the moment. I do have a skirt I want to accessorize into a Wonder Woman look, but I don’t have the accessories yet! However, I love the look of steampunk so when I got bored yesterday I decided to dig through my clothes and see how steampunk I could get based just on what I already had. I was… successfullish?

Wish I'd gotten one where you could see my awesome boots :(

Wish I’d gotten one where you could see my awesome boots :(

I ended up not really liking how the brown skirt sat – it should go a little lower but it’s too small! I bought it in high school and just didn’t want to part with it when I gained weight. I think it would look better if I had more like a vest or corset instead, but that’s not exactly my usual attire. Maybe I’ll figure something out by the time it’s cool enough outside to actually wear the boots (I took off the brown skirt and switched to flats when I actually left the house, which kinda took away from the look but oh well!).

Ah yes, corduroy, so steampunk. The flower necklace is the only thing I bought specifically because it looked a little "steampunkish." I'm aware the octopus is cliche.

Ah yes, corduroy, so steampunk. I’m aware the octopus is a giant cliche.